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US-Russian START+ Simulation

This course is a simulation of U.S.-Russian nuclear arms reduction talks. Students will assume the roles of U.S. and Russian arms control negotiators representing organizations such as the Department of State, National Security Council, Department of Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Strategic Rocket Forces, etc. They will be charged with negotiating a follow-on accord to the "New START Treaty", which was concluded this past spring and is currently being considered for ratification by the U.S. Senate and the Russian Duma. It is anticipated that the Monterey negotiation simulation will anticipate and possibly parallel actual U.S.-Russian nuclear negotiations. As the heads and other members of the "real world" delegations often have been involved in CNS/MIIS activities, an effort will be made to engage them directly or indirectly in class deliberations. Dr. Nikolai Sokov, a former Russian arms control negotiator, will assist in the class as will other CNS experts. For a copy of the text negotiated by last year's student negotiators, please see the CNS website.
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