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IPOL 8546

Intercultural Modes ofThinking

Intercultural Modes of Thinking Workshop is based on the model IMTAR (Intercultural Modes of Thinking and Reasoning) and a scale IMTARS developed by Dr. Akarsu to delineate patterns of thinking in different cultural settings. Model is comprehensive and tries to define critical and underlying concepts and processes that exist in most cultures while displaying different forms of reasoning and corresponding practices in everyday life. Students are expected to play an active role in discovering the patterns observed in the cultures of their choices by finding evidence and examples from their own experiences, observations, stories, anecdotes, multimedia sources or related literature. Students can work in groups of two (each focusing on a different culture) or in larger groups (enabling clusters of cultures to be compared). At the end of the workshop an overall pattern analysis will be done by the whole class. It is expected that student work either in written format or in multimedia format will be shared online or published as a comparative case study of cultural thinking patterns.
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