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IMGT 8664

Social Entrepreneurship

Although the term social entrepreneurship is gaining popularity in the media, there is no common agreement as to what it is, and the distinction between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship is often muddled. Typically entrepreneurship is understood as the process of creatively forming a new business thus creating subsequent profit with capital at risk. A general view of social entrepreneurship is that it is a process that requires both economic and social motives such as the fulfillment of social needs or a transformational benefit to a significant portion of society. Creativity, profit and capital at risk are seemingly less important issues. Through lecture, in-class discussions and guest speakers, the course will focus on the nature of social entrepreneurship (SE), what it is, how if differs from normal entrepreneurship, and the development of approaches to help social entrepreneurs and their organizations be more effective in carrying out their missions. The course will examine both US-based and international SE. The students will also examine governmental policies and the efficacy of the outcomes. The class will begin its journey with discussions about what entrepreneurship is, followed by a focus on social entrepreneurship.
International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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