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IMGT 8655

Tools for Project Mgmt

This course provides a comprehensive overview of project management, addressing four major issues: culture, principles, management and techniques tools used in projects. The course reviews the general stages of a project in chronological order and describes how the stages interrelate. The elements of project management critical to the success of a project are also identified and explained.
Course Objectives:
• To describe, demystify and formalize project management so that students are prepared for the Project Management curriculum and can utilize knowledge and skills in their professions. Real world examples, case studies and anecdotes will be used to illustrate major points. These illustrations will also show that managing projects, while a challenging and rewarding career choice of itself, is a valuable asset in all careers.
• To provide a substantive overview of project management in an international context. Working on both international projects and on local projects in international teams will be stressed. Real life hurdles of working in the international environment will be a prime focus of the course.
• To enable the immediate practice of project management in any workplace, independent of discipline. Students will learn to use project management processes and discuss them intelligently with colleagues, senior executives, or clients.
International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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