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IMGT 8630

Personal Financial Planning

Financial Planning will discuss the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. While there are formal handouts and readings, the primary thrust of the course will seem almost psychological in nature. What is in the mindset of those who are successful vis-a-vis financial planning (and all that represents) as opposed to those who are less successful in such endeavors? How can you take advantage of discovering the answer? The course will shed light on these questions, the answers to which at first gleaming may seem surprising, but upon retrospect, will be seen as at everyone's front doorstep, so to speak. As you might suspect, in part, the "secret" derives somewhat from a combination of (a) what information and (b) how to use that information. Topics include description of the financial planning industry, what a financial planner does, how to determine financial goals, review of financial papers, and development of a financial plan for each participant.
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