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Intl Trade&Investment Simlatn

This course will present students with the opportunity to explore a number of issues and concerns relating to international business, from economics and finance to human resources and operations management. Using an expanded version of the International Trade Game developed by the instructor for use in IM520, students will:
1. Select a country in which to locate a new production facility, based on a matrix of countries and variables, which will involve researching 18 issues, from labor laws to expected inflation;
2. Negotiate with the prospective host country governments for investment incentives;
3. Finance their investment (in home, host, or third country capital markets);
4. Manage their subsidiary to maximize profits, within the confines of local laws and international codes of conduct;
5. Present their business strategies to an annual stockholder’s meeting and in an annual report; and
6. Evaluate your classmates by allocating your investments to the best run companies. Grades will be based on your subsidiary’s performance, how much investment you attract from your classmates, and how well your own investment portfolio performs.
International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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