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IMGT 8579

The China Factor

This course covers a wide array of topics in three areas: the international relations, the investment and trade, and market competition. A more detailed list of the topics in the international relations area includes the Chinese imperial legacies and revolution, the contemporary political institutions and policy making processes, the opening of China and reforms and their resulting challenges, China’s role in global peace and development, China’s relations with U.S., the other Asian powers and the other world powers, and the mainland-Taiwan relation. The major topics in the trade and investment area include the evolution of China’s trade and investment policy before and during the reform era, the Chinese economic regime and policy making process, China’s accession into the WTO and integration into global economy, the regional economic cooperation between China and East and Southeast Asia, China’s industrial policy and national standard strategy, Sino-US economic relations and China’s environmental and energy challenges and sustainable development. In the market competition area, the major topics are the rise of private businesses and reform of state-owned enterprises, the Chinese-style enterprise management, the changing consumer behavior, sourcing in China, and dynamic competition among Chinese firms and multinationals in China and in global marketplaces. In each of these areas, the learning focuses on the important institutional and individual players, processes, policies and strategies at the different levels of social, economic and political activities in China and beyond.
International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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