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IMGT 8570

Marketing Mgmt for non-MBA

This course focuses on the managerial skills, tools and concepts required to produce a mutually satisfying exchange between consumers/users/organizations and providers of goods, services and ideas. The emphasis is on understanding the marketplace, strategic formulation (orientation, target segmentation, positioning) and how to manage the marketing. This course is further concerned with the development, evaluation, and implementation of marketing management in complex environments. The course deals primarily with an in-depth analysis of a variety of concepts, theories, facts, analytical procedures, techniques, and models, addressing strategic issues such as: What business should we be in? What are our long-term objectives? What is our sustainable marketing competitive advantage? Should we diversify? How marketing resources should be allocated? What marketing opportunities and threats do we face? What are our marketing organizational strengths and weaknesses? Finally, what are our marketing strategic alternatives?
International Management
International Management
Intl Policy & Management
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