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IEPG 8672


Energy is not only a multi-trillion dollar industry but is also closely linked to the global warming problem. Further, efficient natural resource management is becoming key to ensuring a sustainable future. Financing, in addition to technology and policy, will play a key part in addressing the twin goals of energy security and a greener planet.
This is a course on natural resource finance, with focus on energy; using tools from corporate finance, with application to project finance as well as venture capital. In this course, students will study energy industry structure and terminology; financial statement analysis, capital budgeting and risk analysis, relative valuation, and risk management in the energy industry.
Students will also analyze case problems addressing various course topics and learn to apply finance theories to “real world” practice, which goes beyond energy to general environmental problems, such as in carbon as well as natural capital management.
Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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