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IEPG 8665


One of the key skillsets for a professional in any sustainability field is the ability to design and fund a cutting-edge project.

In this workshop, student teams will work to a client, the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, to develop projects aimed at
increasing carbon removal in California agriculture. Over two weekends, students will gain five key skills:

1) articulating a compelling vision of the overarching aim of the project

2) mapping the field for existing work to identify gaps

3) identifying potential partners and donors

4) designing a project, including outputs and outcomes

5) writing a persuasive funding proposal, including a credible and thorough budget.

Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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Spring 2019 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

IEPG8665A-S19 Workshop (Zarsky)