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IEPG 8527


The primary purpose of this comprehensive 2-unit course will be to examine the biocultural aspects of maritime peoples and places that are part of the upcoming Peace Boat voyage (scheduled from June 11-24 2013) that will include visits to the coastal ports in Venezuela, the Panama Canal, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico. Biocultural studies include the combination of biophysical sciences and cultural studies, and can be used to examine the social and ecological issues and concerns of particular places and people. During the voyage, the course will offer a set of seminars and presentations that are designed to help students deepen their understanding of specific features of life and culture in the countries we visit. At each port, students will be involved in field work that includes aspects of art, music, religion, politics, environment, health, or other specific aspect of the ports of entry we visit.
Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Environmental Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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