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Women's Human Rights:Xcultural

This course will focus on the global women’s human rights norms as embodied in legal instruments such as CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women) and the Beijing Platform for Action and their acceptance, reinterpretation, redefinition or rejection in national and local contexts. How do religious, cultural and traditional norms complement and/or contradict global norms on women’s rights? What types of advocacy efforts at local, national and international levels are under way to establish a dialogue among different constituencies with different worldviews on women’s rights? We will explore different rights, such as the right to be free from violence of all forms, the right to freedom of movement, the right to political participation, to education, work and reproductive rights. We will examine some theoretical works, as well as case studies of different countries’ experiences, with a special focus on countries with Muslim majority countries.

Intercultural Competence
Language & Intercultural Study
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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