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FRLA 8478


Environment, Sustainability and Business: The European Experience (ESB-E) focuses on the interplay, tensions and complementarity between these three forces. It uses numerous examples from Europe, draws comparisons with U.S. practices and policies, and places European practices/policies in the global context (international regimes, global governance). This class starts with an examination of public policy in Europe as it relates to ESB, that is to say the principles, frameworks and instruments of ESB-E such as direct regulation (e.g., REACH directive for chemicals, anti-GMO legislation), flexible regulation, and market-based incentives (e.g. emission trading schemes). Next it locates Europe's action in international fora, such as the UNFCC. After this study of the policymaking, economic and societal frameworks, the bulk of this class is devoted to substantive issues in ESB, for instance energy policy, or agricultural subsidies and global South development, or Green businesses, etc. Students will chose most of these substantive topics and of the "professional deliverables", all based on their specializations, for instance policy memo, action assessment, definition and diffusion of best business practices, etc. We will negotiate these 'professional deliverables,' in order to individualize the ways each student is assessed.
Language & Intercultural Study
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