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EDUC 8662

Language Teacher Education

This intensive online seminar is intended for experienced language teachers who have (or expect to have) responsibilities for educating other teachers. Its contents and goals are based on the assumption that in our field, people are typically promoted into training positions because they have done well as teachers themselves. Seldom are they given specific preparation for their roles as teacher educators. However, in the past two decades, teacher education has become a viable specialization in our profession and teacher development has emerged as an established focus of research.

In this course we will investigate issues related to teacher training, education, and development. Various philosophies and models of pre-service and in-service programs for training language teachers will be examined, as will approaches to ongoing professional development. Seminar participants will engage in asynchronous Canvas discussions as well as a few synchronous sessions in order to build professional skills to be more competent and confident teacher educators. It is my hope that participation in this seminar will take you one step closer to your “dream job.”

Language Education
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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Spring 2020 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

EDUC8662A-S20 Online (Bailey)

Spring 2019 - MIIS, MIIS Winter/J Term only

EDUC8662A-S19 Online (Bailey)