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EDUC 8560

Teaching of Writing

Many L2 teachers will find themselves teaching academic writing, and as our MIIS alums have shared with me, they appreciate having had preparation beforehand for doing so. Thus, the teaching of writing course is designed to equip you, as second language teachers, with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for effective L2 writing instruction in academic settings across ESL, EFL, EAP, and FL contexts. In the course we will (1) explore the central theoretical underpinnings of current approaches to L2 writing instruction; (2) examine selected theoretical and pedagogical controversies; (3) learn about pedagogies for planning and carrying out effective writing instruction and (4) have ample opportunities to practice key pedagogical skills through tutoring second language writers, lesson planning, evaluation of textbooks, assessing L2 writing, and providing feedback to second language writers.

This is a variable unit seminar. That is, it may be taken for either two or three units, depending on the individual student’s needs and/or course load. All students will attend 45 hours of class, but the students taking the course for three units will do an additional assignment (to be negotiated with the instructor).

Language Education
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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Fall 2019 - MIIS

EDUC8560A-F19 Lecture (Hedgcock)