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DPPG 8616

Independent Practicum

Students will choose a focal topic or challenge that is relevant to their degree. Under faculty member’s guidance, students will then implement a suitable plan of activities to shed significant light on this topic. Final products may take many forms including a traditional research paper, a guide or manual for practitioners, a video product, or alternative deliverable that would be of value to a well-defined audience of practitioners. Students must identify a faculty sponsor who has consented to supervise the project in order to enroll in this class. Work can be taken on-campus or in field settings. Credit is variable (4 or 6 units) and depends upon the scope, complexity and rigor of the project.

The B section is 3 credits and is only open to joint IEM/MPA students.

Development Practice & Policy
Development Practice & Policy
Intl Policy & Management
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2023 - MIIS

DPPG8616A-S23 Directed Study
DPPG8616B-S23 Directed Study
DPPG8616C-S23 Directed Study (Murphy)
DPPG8616D-S23 Directed Study (Rogowsky)
DPPG8616E-S23 Directed Study (Murphy)
DPPG8616F-S23 Directed Study (Glenzer)
DPPG8616G-S23 Directed Study (Liang)
DPPG8616H-S23 Directed Study (Rogowsky)

Fall 2022 - MIIS

DPPG8616A-F22 Directed Study
DPPG8616B-F22 Directed Study
DPPG8616C-F22 Directed Study (Meyer)
DPPG8616D-F22 Directed Study (Pulizzi)
DPPG8616E-F22 Directed Study (Pulizzi)
DPPG8616J-F22 Directed Study (Blazakis)
DPPG8616K-F22 Directed Study (Glenzer)

Summer 2022 - MIIS

DPPG8616A-L2-22 Directed Study (Pulizzi)
DPPG8616G-L2-22 Directed Study (Rogowsky)
DPPG8616L-L2-22 Directed Study (Liang)
DPPG8616R-L2-22 Directed Study (Issa)

Spring 2022 - MIIS

DPPG8616A-S22 Directed Study
DPPG8616B-S22 Directed Study