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DPPG 8516


Leadership and Org. Innovations (MPA gateway management course requirement)

Public, community, and nonprofit organizations are perceived to be lagging behind for-profit enterprises in innovativeness. Meanwhile, social challenges they are expected to tackle are increasing in scale and complexity, challenging their traditional ways of getting things done. To remain relevant and effective, pioneering organizations from various sectors, industries, and countries have been innovating with promising outcomes. This course intends to help students learn examples of such innovations and their methods. While the course predominantly focuses on organizational level (since organizations are a medium through which we get most things done), this course equally applies to individual, institutional, and policy levels. Moreover, the course can help you jumpstart your leadership training by providing knowledge as well as practical analytical and decision making tools and skills applicable in wide range of problem solving.

Development Practice & Policy
Development Practice & Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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Spring 2020 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

DPPG8516S-S20 Lecture (Baimyrzaeva)