MUSC 0309

Advanced Composition I

Advanced Composition
In this course we will focus on writing for string quartet, brass quintet, a cappella singing, piano, or performance art and involve issues of technique, style, and practical considerations, as well as study of selected elements of the literature. The course will culminate with a reading of student works by a professional ensemble or solo performer. This semester we focus on composing for the string quartet. We will discuss a variety of string techniques as well as issues of form and orchestration. We will listen to important works for that medium and discuss the styles from the Classical period to this century. (MUSC 0209 and 0210 or approval of instructor). 3 hrs. lect./disc.
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Fall 2024

MUSC0309A-F24 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2022

MUSC0309A-F22 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2021

MUSC0309A-F21 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2020

MUSC0309A-F20 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2019

MUSC0309A-F19 Lecture (Taylor)
MUSC0309Z-F19 Discussion (Taylor)

Fall 2018

MUSC0309A-F18 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2017

MUSC0309A-F17 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2015

MUSC0309A-F15 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2014

MUSC0309A-F14 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2012

MUSC0309A-F12 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2011

MUSC0309A-F11 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2010

MUSC0309A-F10 Lecture (Tan)

Spring 2010

MUSC0309A-S10 Lecture (Tan)

Spring 2009

MUSC0309A-S09 Lecture (Robison)

Fall 2007

MUSC0309A-F07 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2006

MUSC0309A-F06 Lecture (Liang)

Fall 2005

MUSC0309A-F05 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2004

MUSC0309A-F04 Lecture (Tan)

Fall 2003

MUSC0309A-F03 Lecture (Warshaw)