ENVS 0231

Architecture & Environment

Architecture and the Environment
Architecture has a dynamic relationship with the natural and cultural environments in which it operates. As a cultural phenomenon it impacts the physical landscape and uses natural resources while it also frames human interaction, harbors community, and organizes much of public life. We will investigate those relationships and explore strategies to optimize them, in order to seek out environmentally responsive architectural solutions. Topics to be covered include: analysis of a building's site as both natural and cultural contexts, passive and active energy systems, principles of sustainable construction, and environmental impact. Our lab will allow us to study on site, "off-the-grid" dwellings, hay-bale houses, passive solar constructions and alternative communities, meet with "green" designers, architects, and builders, and do hands-on projects. 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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Equivalent Courses:
HARC 0231 *
INTD 0266


Spring 2020

ENVS0231A-S20 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2019

ENVS0231A-S19 Lecture

Spring 2018

ENVS0231A-S18 Lecture (Kerz-Murray)