AMST 0209

Am. Lit. & Cult: origins-1830

American Literature and Culture: Origins-1830
A study of literary and other cultural forms in early America, including gravestones, architecture, furniture and visual art. We will consider how writing and these other forms gave life to ideas about religion, diversity, civic obligation and individual rights that dominated not only colonial life but that continue to influence notions of "Americanness" into the present day. Required for all majors and minors.3 hrs. lect./disc.
American Studies
Program in American Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
ENGL 0209
ENAM 0209
AMCV 0201
AMST 0201
AMLT 0201


Fall 2023

AMST0209A-F23 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2022

AMST0209A-F22 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2021

AMST0209A-F21 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2020

AMST0209A-F20 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2019

AMST0209A-F19 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2018

AMST0209A-F18 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2017

AMST0209A-F17 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2016

AMST0209A-F16 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2015

AMST0209A-F15 Lecture (Foutch)

Fall 2014

AMST0209A-F14 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2013

AMST0209A-F13 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2012

AMST0209A-F12 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2011

AMST0209A-F11 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0209B-F11 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2010

AMST0209A-F10 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0209B-F10 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2009

AMST0209A-F09 Lecture (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0209X-F09 Discussion (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0209Y-F09 Discussion (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0209Z-F09 Discussion (Lint Sagarena)

Fall 2008

AMST0209A-F08 Lecture (Newbury)
AMST0209B-F08 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2007

AMST0209A-F07 Lecture (Newbury)
AMST0209B-F07 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2006

AMST0209A-F06 Lecture (Newbury)
AMST0209B-F06 Lecture (Newbury)