NSCI 0700

Senior Research

Senior Research
This course is for senior NSCI majors who plan to conduct one or more semesters of independent research, or who plan to complete preparatory work toward a senior thesis, such as researching and writing a thesis proposal as well as, if appropriate, collecting data that will form the basis for a senior thesis. Senior NSCI majors who plan to complete a senior thesis should register initially for NSCI 0700. Additional requirements may include participation in weekly meetings with advisors and/or lab groups and attending neuroscience seminars. (Approval required, open to seniors only)
Prog in Neuroscience
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Spring 2024

Spring 2024

NSCI0700B-S24 Senior Work (Arndt)
NSCI0700C-S24 Senior Work (Cave)
NSCI0700D-S24 Senior Work (Collaer)
NSCI0700E-S24 Senior Work (Crocker)
NSCI0700F-S24 Senior Work (Cronise)
NSCI0700G-S24 Senior Work (Dash)
NSCI0700I-S24 Senior Work (Kimble)
NSCI0700J-S24 Senior Work (Parker)
NSCI0700K-S24 Senior Work (Spackman)
NSCI0700L-S24 Senior Work (Spritzer)
NSCI0700M-S24 Senior Work (Zhai)