INTD 1235

Shaping Climate Narratives

Shaping Climate Narratives: Impactful Advocacy
In this course we will examine how advocates employ narrative arts to achieve their ends, and how those strategies and tactics can be brought to bear to drive progress on climate issues. The class will engage with distinguished professionals from such disciplines as law, diplomacy and government relations who will share their experiences and perspectives. Each student will prepare a project examining how a particular narrative achieved prominence in its time. The class will collectively consider how Middlebury College might enhance the impact of its Energy2028 initiative.

Kim Gagné has amassed deep experience as an advocate in a career spanning the worlds of law, diplomacy, and government relations. Kim’s advocacy experiences include partnership at a Washington white collar criminal defense firm; service as a Foreign Service Officer in Haiti and Saudi Arabia and at the U.S. Mission to the European Union; and senior-level service in Microsoft’s legal and corporate affairs group in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Kim is a Senior Counselor with the strategic communications firm APCO Worldwide and is Board Chair of ID2020.
This course counts as a social science cognate for environmental studies majors.
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