INTD 0150


Compass: Foundations for the Road Ahead
The transition to college coincides with a range of increased developmental expectations and challenges. Some essential developmental tasks are exploring interests, building relationships, solidifying identities, and creating pathways to a life of meaning. In addition, mastering the college experience includes gaining and applying new skills to increasingly complex contexts. Utilizing literature from Psychology and Education, we will explore critical developmental tasks and associated skills that drive healthy outcomes for college-age students. We will then work collaboratively to begin honing essential skills and practice applying them over the semester. Through written assignments, projects, and presentations, students will leave the course prepared to experience their liberal arts education with greater intention and be better prepared to live engaged, consequential, and creative lives. (Open to first semester, first year students.)
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Equivalent Courses:
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Fall 2023

INTD0150A-F23 Lecture (Moeller)