INTD 0232

Conflict Transformation Skills

Conflict Transformation: Approaches and Skills
This course introduces students to a variety of approaches to conflict transformation (CT), including mediation, restorative practices, intercultural communication, and structured dialogue. The course is organized around three questions: What is conflict, who am I in conflict, and what skills and dispositions can help transform conflict? These skills and dispositions are applicable across many levels, including interpersonal, organizational, community, and global conflicts. Students will learn about the drivers of conflict and then practice CT skills in the course. This course is a complement to INTD 228, which focuses on conflict analysis. While this course can be taken at any time, it can serve as a foundation for students who wish to pursue practicum or research opportunities in other CT programs. (Not open to students who have already taken INTD 1259)
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INTD 1259 *

Sections in Spring 2023

Spring 2023

INTD0232B-S23 Lecture (Stroup, Patton)