FMMC 0223

Fan Video:Cultr, Thry, Pract

Fan Video: Cultures, Theory, Practice
In this course we will explore the range of fan video forms, aesthetics, cultures, and histories. Fans re-edit pre-existing media (TV, film, etc.) into new transformative works that can receive millions of views as well as critical acclaim. We will study the visual and rhetorical logics of fan video, the distribution and reception circuits for fan video, and the legal and political questions bound up in fan video practices. We will consider fan video as a critical practice, and we will learn by engaging with scholarship on fan video as well as by making our own fan videos.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Spring 2023

FMMC0223A-S23 Lecture (Stein)
FMMC0223Z-S23 Screening (Stein)