ECSC 0161

Earth's Oceans and Coastlines

Earth’s Oceans and Coastlines
In this course we explore our planet’s oceans and coastlines through the interdisciplinary study of marine geology, physics, biology, and chemistry. We use these fields as lenses through which we examine our reliance on the oceans for climate stability, food, economic resources, and waste dispersal, among a host of other ecosystem services. In parallel, we explore how humans are fundamentally altering coastal and marine ecosystems, posing unequally distributed, but increasingly severe threats to ocean and human health. In labs, we learn quantitative data visualization and analysis techniques making use of real-world observations and datasets.3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab/field trips (formerly GEOL 0161)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
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GEOL 0161

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Fall 2022

ECSC0161A-F22 Lecture (Jacobel)
ECSC0161Y-F22 Lab (Jacobel)
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