ECSC 0201

Geologic Evolution of Vermont

Geologic Evolution of Vermont
This course explores the fascinating geology of Vermont. Students learn the geology through six field problems, involving extended trips around western Vermont. Lectures on the meaning of rocks support the fieldwork. The last few indoor labs are devoted to understanding the geologic map of Vermont. Emphasis is on descriptive writing and on use of data to interpret origin of rocks. Culminates in a written report on the geologic and plate tectonic evolution of Vermont. (One ECSC course) 3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab/field trips (formerly GEOL 0201)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
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GEOL 0201

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Fall 2022

ECSC0201A-F22 Lecture (West)
ECSC0201Z-F22 Lab (West)