PHED 0302

Alpine Ski Lessons

Alpine ski lessons are offered at the College Snow Bowl. Please call the Snow Bowl at 388-4356 and speak with the Snow Bowl School desk. $100 fee for 5 lessons, $100 rentals. Payment MUST be received on or before day of first lesson. Students MUST attend at least four lessons during the weekdays to receive a PE credit. Students MUST check in to the Snow Bowl School desk each time before attending a class. Lessons begin at 2:00 p.m. and meet outside at the School Meeting place (next to the stone/bell structure). Shuttle bus leaves Adirondack Circle. If a student's schedule only makes morning lessons a possibility, 2 or more of the same ability group must be scheduled for lessons, otherwise private lessons at a cost of $40 per lesson for a total of $200 are possible.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
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Sections in Winter 2022

Winter 2022, PE - Session I

PHED0302A-W22 PE Course