MBBC 0701

Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis
This course is for seniors completing independent thesis research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry that was initiated in BIOL 0500, CHEM 0400, MBBC 0500, or MBBC 0700. Students will attend weekly meetings with their designated research group and engage in one-on-one meetings with their research mentor to foster understanding in their specialized research area. Students will also practice the stylistic and technical aspects of scientific writing needed to write their thesis. (BIOL 0500, CHEM 0400, MBBC 0500, MBBC 0700) (Approval required).
Molecular Biology & Biochem
Prog in Molecular Bio & Biochm
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Spring 2021

Spring 2021

MBBC0701B-S21 Senior Work (Cluss)
MBBC0701C-S21 Senior Work (Combelles)
MBBC0701D-S21 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
MBBC0701E-S21 Senior Work (Crocker)
MBBC0701F-S21 Senior Work (Durst)
MBBC0701G-S21 Senior Work (Eggleston)
MBBC0701H-S21 Senior Work (Ernstrom)
MBBC0701I-S21 Senior Work (Giddings)
MBBC0701J-S21 Senior Work (Linderman)
MBBC0701K-S21 Senior Work (Parker)
MBBC0701L-S21 Senior Work (Repka)
MBBC0701M-S21 Senior Work (Spatafora)
MBBC0701N-S21 Senior Work (Spritzer)
MBBC0701O-S21 Senior Work (Ward)
MBBC0701P-S21 Senior Work (French)