CMLT 0700

Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis
A senior thesis is normally completed over two semesters. During Fall and Winter terms, or Winter and Spring terms, students will write a 35-page (article length) comparative essay, firmly situated in literary analysis. Students are responsible for identifying and arranging to work with their primary language and secondary language readers, and consulting with the program director before completing the CMLT Thesis Declaration form. (Approval required.)
Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Spring 2021

Spring 2021

CMLT0700B-S21 Senior Work (Wells)
CMLT0700C-S21 Senior Work (Losano)
CMLT0700D-S21 Senior Work (Poulin-Deltour)
CMLT0700E-S21 Senior Work (Portice)
CMLT0700F-S21 Senior Work (Liebhaber)
CMLT0700G-S21 Senior Work (Saldarriaga)
CMLT0700H-S21 Senior Work (Siddiqi)
CMLT0700I-S21 Senior Work (Sainte-Claire)
CMLT0700M-S21 Senior Work (Mula)
CMLT0700N-S21 Senior Work (Wang)
CMLT0700P-S21 Senior Work (Feiereisen)