MBBC 0700

Senior Independent Research

Senior Independent Research
Seniors conducting independent research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry under the guidance of a faculty mentor should register for MBBC 0700 unless they are completing a thesis project (in which case they should register for MBBC 0701). Additional requirements include attendance at all MBBC-sponsored seminars and seminars sponsored by the faculty mentor’s department, and participation in any scheduled meetings and disciplinary sub-groups and lab groups. (Approval required).
Molecular Biology & Biochem
Prog in Molecular Bio & Biochm
Natural Sciences
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Sections in Winter 2020

Winter 2020

MBBC0700B-W20 Senior Work (Cluss)
MBBC0700C-W20 Senior Work (Combelles)
MBBC0700D-W20 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
MBBC0700E-W20 Senior Work (Crocker)
MBBC0700F-W20 Senior Work (Durst)
MBBC0700G-W20 Senior Work (Eggleston)
MBBC0700H-W20 Senior Work (Ernstrom)
MBBC0700I-W20 Senior Work (Giddings)
MBBC0700J-W20 Senior Work (Linderman)
MBBC0700K-W20 Senior Work (Parker)
MBBC0700L-W20 Senior Work (Repka)
MBBC0700M-W20 Senior Work (Spatafora)
MBBC0700N-W20 Senior Work (Spritzer)
MBBC0700O-W20 Senior Work (Ward)