HARC 1024

Arch. Design: Micro-Housing

Mircro-Housing: An Introduction to Architectural Design
In this course we will focus on the “tiny house movement.” The need for affordable, energy- efficient, and flexible housing is ever increasing. In urban areas especially, livability and density are in question. Students will design and build models of micro-dwellings, single and multi-unit residences, that address these and other issues. Middlebury alumnus Addison Godine (’11.5) will join as a Cameron Visiting Architect and share his experiences with Middlebury’s 2011 Solar Decathlon house and his latest endeavor: uhu (urban housing unit), the micro-residence he designed to inspire people to live more lightly on the planet. In this course, students will also develop the skills needed to design and represent their architectural concepts. (This course is not open to students who have taken HARC 0130) Students may substitute this course for HARC 0130 in the History of Art & Architecture major
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
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HARC 0130 *

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