LITS 0701

Independent Reading Course

Independent Reading Course
Intended for majors in literary studies preparing for the senior comprehensive examinations. At the conclusion of this course, students will take a one-hour oral examination (part of the senior comprehensive examination) in a specialization of their choice. (Approval Required) (Staff)
Literary Studies
Program in Literary Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:

Sections in Fall 2014

Fall 2014

LITS0701A-F14 Senior Work
LITS0701B-F14 Senior Work (Donadio)
LITS0701C-F14 Senior Work (Millier, Nash)
LITS0701D-F14 Senior Work (Bertolini, Sfyroeras)
LITS0701E-F14 Senior Work (Cohen, Millier)
LITS0701F-F14 Senior Work (Napier, Newbury)
LITS0701G-F14 Senior Work (McWilliams, Bertolini)
LITS0701H-F14 Senior Work (Sfyroeras, Bertolini)
LITS0701I-F14 Senior Work (Witkin)
LITS0701J-F14 Senior Work (Cavanaugh, Humphrey)