FYSE 1232

BraveNewWorld of Making Babies

Making Babies in a Brave New World
In this course we will examine the fundamentals of human reproduction and modern reproductive intervention strategies. As rapid discoveries in medical technologies allow us to push the limits of the human body, questions remain as to whether we should pursue, permit, or regulate such advances. We will explore scientific, societal, legal, ethical, and individual issues surrounding the control of fertility and infertility, fetal life, birth, and the neonatal period. Through critical review of the literature, writing, and informed dialogues, students will gain an understanding of key topics in reproductive medicine. Topics will be discussed on a global scale, with consideration of disparities as well as issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 3 hrs. sem.
First Year Seminar
First-Year Seminar Program
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Fall 2012

FYSE1232A-F12 Seminar (Combelles)