AMST 0710

Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis
For students who have completed AMST 0705, and qualify to write two-credit interdisciplinary honors thesis. on some aspect of American culture. The thesis may be completed on a fall/winter schedule or a fall/spring schedule. (Select a thesis advisor prior to registration)
American Studies
Program in American Studies
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Sections in Fall 2011

Fall 2011

AMST0710A-F11 Senior Work
AMST0710B-F11 Senior Work (Allen)
AMST0710C-F11 Senior Work (Millier)
AMST0710D-F11 Senior Work (Evans)
AMST0710E-F11 Senior Work (Millier)
AMST0710F-F11 Senior Work (Nash)
AMST0710G-F11 Senior Work (Newbury)
AMST0710H-F11 Senior Work (Spears)
AMST0710K-F11 Senior Work (Wilson)
AMST0710N-F11 Senior Work (Lint Sagarena)
AMST0710O-F11 Senior Work (Burch)