INTD 1091

Social Identity and Higher Ed

Social Identity and Institutions of Higher Education
College campuses are unique environments that carry the capacity to forge dynamic contemporary change while also sustaining long-standing traditions and legacies. This course offers an opportunity for students to expand their understanding of intergroup relations operating within institutions of higher education, and to broaden their perspectives regarding many of the social influences guiding our daily interactions as members of a learning community. As the dean of Wonnacott Commons, and an alumnus, the instructor of this course has a particular insight and interest in leading the class to consider many of the social dynamics that influence and characterize the undergraduate experience in the new millennium. Course readings will cover social-psychological theories dealing with concepts of social identity and intergroup relations, as well as historical perspectives related to the unique culture of institutions of higher education. Each student will conduct a research study on a topic of their choosing relating to the present day culture of Middlebury College.
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Winter 2011

INTD1091A-W11 Seminar (Longman)