PSYC 0426

Culture, Mind, and Education

Senior Seminar: Culture, Mind, and Education
In this senior seminar we will examine the connections between mind and culture and the role schooling plays in this process. Among other topics, we will explore how individuals are socialized to cultural values and habits of mind, how cultural beliefs relate to learning and motivation, the relation between language and thought, and the psychological correlates of academic achievement across cultures. The course will focus on high contrast examples of "eastern" and "western" cultures, but students will be encouraged to bring their own cultural and educational interests to bear on the topic. Our goal is to develop a broader understanding of the role of culture in psychological processes, as well as to address implications of such psychological understanding for a global, multicultural society. (Open to junior and senior psychology majors, and to others by permission of the instructor.) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Sections in Spring 2005

Spring 2005

PSYC0426A-S05 Seminar (Hofer)