WRPR 0172

Writing Gender & Sexuality

Writing Gender and Sexuality
In this course we will read, discuss, and write creative works that explore issues of gender and sexuality. Readings will include stories, poems, and essays by James Baldwin, Ana Castillo, Peggy Munson, Eli Claire, Alice Walker, Michelle Tea, Alison Bechdel, and others. The course will include writing workshops with peers and individual meetings with the instructor. Every student will revise a range of pieces across genres and produce a final portfolio. We will do some contemplative work and will engage with choreographer to explore movement in conversation with writing, gender, and sex. 3 hrs. lect.
Writing and Rhetoric Program
Writing and Rhetoric Program
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GSFS 0172 *
CRWR 0172


Spring 2023

WRPR0172A-S23 Lecture (Wright)

Spring 2022

WRPR0172A-S22 Lecture (Wright)

Spring 2021

WRPR0172A-S21 Lecture (Wright)

Spring 2020

WRPR0172A-S20 Lecture (Wright)

Spring 2019

WRPR0172A-S19 Lecture (Wright)

Fall 2018

WRPR0172A-F18 Lecture (Wright)

Spring 2018

WRPR0172A-S18 Lecture (Wright)