WRPR 0110

Eng Grammar:Concepts & Controv

English Grammar: Concepts and Controversies
In this course we will study the structure of the English language, learning key terms and strategies for analyzing English syntax. We will explore English grammar from both prescriptive and descriptive perspectives and examine its relevance to language policy, linguistic prejudice, and English education. Readings will be drawn from a variety of texts, including Rhetorical Grammar (2009), Eats, Shoots & Leaves (2006), Language Myths (1999), and Origins of the Specious (2010). This course is relevant to students wanting to increase their own knowledge of the English language, as well as to those seeking tools for English teaching and/or research.
Writing and Rhetoric Program
Writing and Rhetoric Program
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LNGT 0110


Spring 2024

WRPR0110A-S24 Lecture (Shapiro)

Spring 2023

WRPR0110A-S23 Lecture (Shapiro)

Spring 2019

WRPR0110A-S19 Lecture (Shapiro)

Fall 2017

WRPR0110A-F17 Lecture (Shapiro)

Spring 2016

WRPR0110A-S16 Lecture (Shapiro)

Spring 2013

WRPR0110A-S13 Lecture (Shapiro)