SUMR 1006

Trade/Diplomacy/Dev. in China

Trade, Diplomacy and Development in China
In this off-campus course we will conduct academic research to explore the topics of trade, diplomacy, and development in China. In the spring, students will work with the professors to develop projects before the program, including designing appropriate research methodology such as interviews, statistical analysis, and other methodologies. Next, in June, we will travel to China where top scholars will workshop our research ideas, and then travel to two research sites in teams consisting of a professor and a team of MIIS and Middlebury students. At each site, the team will conduct fieldwork using the methodologies developed on campus. Our hope is that students will select an area of interest that will become the focus of a final project continued into the next year as a senior thesis, masters thesis, or independent study. All publications from this fieldwork will list student names as either coauthors or research assistants. Students will be expected to adhere to all safety and health policies, and to engage in culturally sensitive practices. Some familiarity with Chinese political economy and language would be helpful, but we will have MIIS interpreters accompanying each team to help those without the necessary language skills.
In addition to the application form, interested students should also email the following information to olewis@<a href="http://<a href="http://middlebury.edu">middlebury.edu">middlebury.edu: an unofficial transcript; a short statement that includes major, minor(s), year abroad experiences (past or planned); and a two-page single-spaced essay (500 words) explaining why you would like to take the course, your goals for the experience, and the particular strengths, interests, and experiences you would bring to the course. Please submit the application materials to Professor Lewis (olewis@middlebury.edu). For additional information, please contact Professor Lewis (olewis@middlebury.edu), or Professor Liang (wliang@miis.edu). Application Deadline: February 26th.

Dates: June 7, 2016 – July 5, 2016
June 7-14 Beijing Orientation
June 14-July 5 Field Site (Beijing or Kunming)

Program Costs: $6,000 plus travel and personal expenses
Summer Study
Summer Study (UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:
AAL Summer Study SOC


Summer Study 2016

SUMR1006A-L16 Seminar (Lewis, Liang, Teets)