SUMR 1004

MiddCore SNC

MiddCORE—Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV
MiddCORE’s mentor-driven leadership and innovation program builds skills and confidence through collaborative, experiential, impact-focused learning. Through daily, weekly, and month-long challenges, students gain experience in leadership, strategic thinking, idea creation, collaboration, persuasive communication, ethical decision-making, cross-cultural understanding, conflict resolution, empathy, and crisis management. The class meets over 40 hrs/week with additional evening and weekend activities. Acceptance into MiddCORE's Summer Program is by application only. To learn more about this summer's MiddCORE curriculum and how to apply, visit www.middcore.com or email middcoreadmissions@middlebury.edu. (Pass/Fail).
Summer Study
Summer Study (UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:
non-standard grade Summer Study
Equivalent Courses:
INTD 1074 *


Summer Study 2019

SUMR1004A-L19 Seminar (Brown)

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SUMR1004A-L18 Seminar (Brown)

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SUMR1004A-L17 Seminar (Brown)

Summer Study 2016

SUMR1004A-L16 Seminar (Holmes)

Summer Study 2015

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