SUMR 1002

Exploring Local Food Systems

Exploring Food Systems—Middlebury, Vermont
In this course we explore ways that activities across the food system from production (and fish capture) through waste disposal affect ecological integrity, individual and public health, community well-being, and society’s potential to meet human needs for food and adequate nutrition now and in the future. We combine current and background readings; discussion; field trips to visit innovative Vermont food system projects attempting to improve environmental, social, economic and health impacts; and group work on a project relevant to Middlebury’s food system

Please contact Molly Anderson at mollya@<a href="http://middlebury.edu">middlebury.edu with any questions about applying for the Exploring Food Systems course.

Please contact Sophie Esser Calvi, Global Food Studies Coordinator at Middlebury, at sessercalvi@middlebury.edu with any questions about the associated FoodWorks internships.
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Summer Study 2017

SUMR1002A-L17 Seminar (Anderson)

Summer Study 2016

SUMR1002A-L16 Seminar (Anderson)
SUMR1002B-L16 Seminar (Anderson)
SUMR1002C-L16 Seminar (Anderson)

Summer Study 2015

SUMR1002A-L15 Seminar (Elder)
SUMR1002B-L15 Seminar (Elder)
SUMR1002C-L15 Seminar (Elder)