SPAN 0305


XICANXRIBEÑXS: Our Stories, Our Worlds
In this course we will study how Chicanos/Xicanxs and Hispanic Caribbean communities have organized networks of solidarity to overcome oppression and work towards liberation. The Spanish portmanteau “XICANXRIBEÑXS” is an ode to the famous Revista Chicano-Riqueña that evolved out of the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of Ethnic Studies in the 1960s and early 1970s. We will examine their de/colonial histories, contentious status as diasporic communities, and literary and artistic legacies. Some topics may include Latinx print culture, Gloria Anzaldúa’s mestiza feminism in relation to Afro-Caribbean feminisms, and musical cultures from/ bomba/ and fandango to Selena and Cardi B. (SPAN 0220 or by placement) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Luso-Hispanic Studies
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BLST 0305


Spring 2021

SPAN0305A-S21 Lecture (Albarran)

Fall 2020

SPAN0305A-F20 Lecture (Albarran)

Fall 2011

SPAN0305A-F11 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)

Spring 2011

SPAN0305A-S11 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0305B-S11 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)

Fall 2010

SPAN0305A-F10 Lecture (Fernandez)

Spring 2009

SPAN0305A-S09 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0305B-S09 Lecture (Pareja)

Fall 2008

SPAN0305A-F08 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0305B-F08 Lecture (Ugaz)
SPAN0305C-F08 Lecture (Woolson)

Spring 2008

SPAN0305A-S08 Lecture (Swarthout)
SPAN0305B-S08 Lecture (Swarthout)

Fall 2007

SPAN0305A-F07 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0305B-F07 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0305C-F07 Lecture (Swarthout)
SPAN0305W-F07 Discussion (Santiago)
SPAN0305X-F07 Discussion (Santiago)
SPAN0305Y-F07 Discussion (Santiago)
SPAN0305Z-F07 Discussion (Santiago)

Spring 2007

SPAN0305A-S07 Lecture (Bejar)
SPAN0305B-S07 Lecture (Bejar)

Fall 2006

SPAN0305A-F06 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0305B-F06 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)

Spring 2006

SPAN0305A-S06 Lecture (Swarthout)
SPAN0305B-S06 Lecture (Swarthout)
SPAN0305X-S06 Discussion (Swarthout)
SPAN0305Y-S06 Discussion (Swarthout)
SPAN0305Z-S06 Discussion (Swarthout)

Fall 2005

SPAN0305A-F05 Lecture (Ugaz)

Spring 2005

SPAN0305A-S05 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0305B-S05 Lecture (Fernandez)

Fall 2004

SPAN0305A-F04 Lecture (Fernandez)

Spring 2004

SPAN0305A-S04 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0305B-S04 Lecture (Fernandez)