SPAN 0105

Accelerated Basic Spanish

Accelerated Basic Spanish
This accelerated course is designed to reinforce, in one semester, the basic linguistic structures that students need in order to reach the intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. Strong emphasis will be given to reading and composition. SPAN 0105 is designed specifically for students with 2-3 years of high school Spanish, but who have not yet achieved intermediate proficiency. (Placement test required) 5 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2020

SPAN0105A-S20 Lecture (Zabala)

Fall 2019

SPAN0105A-F19 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2019

SPAN0105A-S19 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)

Fall 2018

SPAN0105A-F18 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2018

SPAN0105A-S18 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)

Fall 2017

SPAN0105A-F17 Lecture (Castaneda)

Spring 2017

SPAN0105A-S17 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Fall 2016

SPAN0105A-F16 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2014

SPAN0105A-S14 Lecture (Quintanilla)

Fall 2013

SPAN0105A-F13 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2013

SPAN0105A-S13 Lecture (Portugal Ramirez)

Fall 2012

SPAN0105A-F12 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0105B-F12 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Spring 2012

SPAN0105A-S12 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Fall 2011

SPAN0105A-F11 Lecture (Rohena-Madrazo)
SPAN0105B-F11 Lecture (Rohena-Madrazo)

Spring 2011

SPAN0105A-S11 Lecture (Fernandez)

Fall 2010

SPAN0105A-F10 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)
SPAN0105B-F10 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)

Spring 2010

SPAN0105A-S10 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)

Fall 2009

SPAN0105A-F09 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)
SPAN0105B-F09 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)

Spring 2009

SPAN0105A-S09 Lecture (Fernandez)

Fall 2008

SPAN0105A-F08 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)
SPAN0105B-F08 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)

Fall 2007

SPAN0105A-F07 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0105B-F07 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0105C-F07 Lecture (Woolson)

Fall 2006

SPAN0105A-F06 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0105B-F06 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Fall 2005

SPAN0105A-F05 Lecture (Ugaz)
SPAN0105B-F05 Lecture (Swarthout)

Fall 2004

SPAN0105A-F04 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)
SPAN0105B-F04 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)

Spring 2004

SPAN0105A-S04 Lecture (Guarnaccia)

Fall 2003

SPAN0105A-F03 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0105B-F03 Lecture (Woolson)