SPAN 0103

Beginning Spanish III

Beginning Spanish III
This course is a continuation of SPAN 0101. Intensive reading, writing, and oral activities will advance students' proficiency in Spanish in an academic setting. (SPAN 0101) 5 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2020

SPAN0103A-S20 Lecture (Lesta Garcia)

Spring 2019

SPAN0103A-S19 Lecture (Lesta Garcia)

Spring 2018

SPAN0103B-S18 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2017

SPAN0103A-S17 Lecture (Feldman)

Spring 2016

SPAN0103A-S16 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0103B-S16 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0103C-S16 Lecture (Lesta Garcia)

Spring 2015

SPAN0103A-S15 Lecture (Baird)
SPAN0103B-S15 Lecture (Lesta Garcia)
SPAN0103C-S15 Lecture (Fil)

Spring 2014

SPAN0103A-S14 Lecture (Quintanilla)
SPAN0103B-S14 Lecture (Fil)
SPAN0103C-S14 Lecture (Rodriguez-Solas)

Spring 2013

SPAN0103A-S13 Lecture (Sierra-Rivera)
SPAN0103B-S13 Lecture (Sierra-Rivera)
SPAN0103C-S13 Lecture (Portugal Ramirez)

Spring 2012

SPAN0103A-S12 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)
SPAN0103B-S12 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)

Spring 2011

SPAN0103A-S11 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0103B-S11 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Spring 2010

SPAN0103A-S10 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0103B-S10 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)

Spring 2009

SPAN0103A-S09 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0103B-S09 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Spring 2008

SPAN0103A-S08 Lecture (Highfield)
SPAN0103B-S08 Lecture (Highfield)

Spring 2007

SPAN0103A-S07 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0103B-S07 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0103C-S07 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Spring 2006

SPAN0103A-S06 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0103B-S06 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)
SPAN0103C-S06 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)

Spring 2005

SPAN0103A-S05 Lecture (Martinez Fernandez)
SPAN0103B-S05 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0103C-S05 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)

Spring 2004

SPAN0103A-S04 Lecture (Marr)
SPAN0103B-S04 Lecture (Marr)