SOAN 0305

Topics in Sociological Theory

Topics in Sociological Theory
This course provides an overview of major lines of development in 20th century social theory relevant to the field of sociology, focusing on how various theorists have grappled with the basic issues that have dominated 20th century social thought. Particular attention will be given to the questions arising from the conceptual distinctions between structure and action, on the one hand, and identity and culture, on the other. How is social order possible? How autonomous are human agents? How do we explain the persistence of observed patterns of human interaction and social practice? How do we analyze relations between the world of everyday life and the large-scale development of social systems? How does social change take place? (SOAN 0103 or SOAN 0105) 3 hrs. lect. (Sociology)
Social Sciences
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Fall 2018

SOAN0305A-F18 Lecture (McCallum)

Fall 2017

SOAN0305A-F17 Lecture (McCallum)

Fall 2016

SOAN0305A-F16 Lecture (Owens)

Fall 2015

SOAN0305A-F15 Lecture (Owens)

Fall 2014

SOAN0305A-F14 Lecture (Owens)

Fall 2013

SOAN0305A-F13 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2012

SOAN0305A-F12 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2011

SOAN0305A-F11 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2010

SOAN0305A-F10 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2009

SOAN0305A-F09 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2009

SOAN0305A-S09 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2007

SOAN0305A-F07 Lecture (Essig)

Fall 2006

SOAN0305A-F06 Lecture (Garcelon)
SOAN0305B-F06 Lecture (Garcelon)

Fall 2005

SOAN0305A-F05 Lecture (Garcelon)
SOAN0305B-F05 Lecture (Garcelon)

Fall 2004

SOAN0305A-F04 Lecture (Garcelon)
SOAN0305B-F04 Lecture (Garcelon)

Spring 2004

SOAN0305A-S04 Lecture (Garcelon)