SOAN 0301

Soc Research Methods

The Logic of Sociological Inquiry
In this course students will be introduced to the basic tools of sociological research including problem formulation, strategies of design and data collection, and analysis and presentation of results. This class will help students formulate a research question and develop a research strategy to best explore that question. Those strategies may include interviews, structured observation, participant observation, content analysis, and surveys. This class, strongly recommended for juniors, will culminate in the submission of a senior project proposal. (SOAN 0103 or SOAN 0105) 3 hrs. lect./disc. (Sociology)
Social Sciences
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Spring 2019

SOAN0301A-S19 Lecture (Lawrence)

Spring 2018

SOAN0301A-S18 Lecture (Tiger)

Spring 2017

SOAN0301A-S17 Lecture (Tiger)

Spring 2016

SOAN0301A-S16 Lecture (Tiger)
SOAN0301Z-S16 Lab (Tiger)

Spring 2015

SOAN0301A-S15 Lecture (Han)
SOAN0301Z-S15 Lab (Han)

Spring 2014

SOAN0301A-S14 Lecture (Tiger)

Spring 2013

SOAN0301A-S13 Lecture (Lopez)
SOAN0301B-S13 Lecture (Lopez)
SOAN0301Z-S13 Lab (Lopez)

Spring 2012

SOAN0301A-S12 Lecture (Lopez)
SOAN0301Z-S12 Lab (Lopez)

Fall 2011

SOAN0301A-F11 Lecture (Nelson)
SOAN0301B-F11 Lecture (Nelson)
SOAN0301Z-F11 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2011

SOAN0301A-S11 Lecture (Nelson)
SOAN0301Z-S11 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2010

SOAN0301A-S10 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S10 Lab (Rochford)

Spring 2009

SOAN0301A-S09 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S09 Lab (Rochford)

Spring 2008

SOAN0301A-S08 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S08 Lab (Rochford)

Spring 2007

SOAN0301A-S07 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S07 Lab (Rochford)

Spring 2006

SOAN0301A-S06 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S06 Lab (Rochford)

Spring 2005

SOAN0301A-S05 Lecture (Nelson)
SOAN0301B-S05 Lecture (Nelson)
SOAN0301Z-S05 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2004

SOAN0301A-S04 Lecture (Rochford)
SOAN0301Z-S04 Lab (Rochford)