SOAN 0235

The City and Its People

The City and Its People
We all live somewhere, and increasingly we find ourselves living in an urban environment. In this course we will explore current topics in urban sociology, with particular emphasis on the power of place, culture, and community in U.S. cities. We will study the historical, cultural, and political conditions that have shaped contemporary U.S. cities, such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We will examine how cities change and resist change through the lens of such subjects as migration, poverty, urban arts, crime, and education as it pertains to the city. Students will read a variety of ethnographic and sociological materials, in order to gain an understanding of the complexities of both urban life and processes of representation. 3 hrs. lect./disc. (Sociology)
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2018

SOAN0235A-F18 Lecture (Tran)

Spring 2018

SOAN0235A-S18 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2016

SOAN0235A-S16 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S16 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2015

SOAN0235A-S15 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S15 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2014

SOAN0235A-S14 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S14 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2013

SOAN0235A-S13 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S13 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2011

SOAN0235A-S11 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S11 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2009

SOAN0235A-S09 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-S09 Lecture (Owens)

Fall 2007

SOAN0235A-F07 Lecture (Owens)
SOAN0235B-F07 Lecture (Owens)

Spring 2005

SOAN0235A-S05 Lecture (Llorens)
SOAN0235B-S05 Lecture (Llorens)

Spring 2004

SOAN0235A-S04 Lecture (Llorens)
SOAN0235X-S04 Discussion (Llorens)
SOAN0235Y-S04 Discussion (Llorens)
SOAN0235Z-S04 Discussion (Llorens)