RELI 0180

Intro to Biblical Literature

An Introduction to Biblical Literature
This course is a general introduction to biblical history, literature, and interpretation. It is designed for students who seek a basic understanding of the Bible on its own or as a foundation for further study in religion, art, literature, film, and other disciplines. It aims to acquaint students with the major characters, narratives, poetry, and compositional features of biblical literature and how these writings became Jewish and Christian scriptures. The course will also explore various approaches to reading the Bible, both religious and secular. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
ENGL 0180
ENAM 0180


Spring 2025

RELI0180A-S25 Lecture
RELI0180Y-S25 Discussion
RELI0180Z-S25 Discussion

Spring 2024

RELI0180A-S24 Lecture (Lim)
RELI0180Y-S24 Discussion (Lim)
RELI0180Z-S24 Discussion (Lim)

Spring 2023

RELI0180A-S23 Lecture (Lim)
RELI0180Y-S23 Discussion (Lim)
RELI0180Z-S23 Discussion (Lim)

Fall 2021

RELI0180A-F21 Lecture (Goldman)

Fall 2020

RELI0180A-F20 Lecture (Goldman)

Fall 2018

RELI0180A-F18 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F18 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F18 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Fall 2017

RELI0180A-F17 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-F17 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F17 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F17 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2017

RELI0180A-S17 Lecture (Gebarowski-Shafer)
RELI0180Y-S17 Discussion (Gebarowski-Shafer)
RELI0180Z-S17 Discussion (Gebarowski-Shafer)

Spring 2015

RELI0180A-S15 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-S15 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-S15 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2014

RELI0180A-S14 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-S14 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-S14 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-S14 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2013

RELI0180A-S13 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-S13 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-S13 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-S13 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2012

RELI0180A-S12 Lecture (Yarbrough, Gebarowski-Shafer)
RELI0180X-S12 Discussion (Gebarowski-Shafer)
RELI0180Y-S12 Discussion (Gebarowski-Shafer)
RELI0180Z-S12 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2010

RELI0180A-S10 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-S10 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-S10 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-S10 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Fall 2007

RELI0180A-F07 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180W-F07 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-F07 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F07 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F07 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Fall 2006

RELI0180A-F06 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-F06 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F06 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F06 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Fall 2005

RELI0180A-F05 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180W-F05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-F05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F05 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Spring 2005

RELI0180A-S05 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180W-S05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-S05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-S05 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-S05 Discussion (Yarbrough)

Fall 2003

RELI0180A-F03 Lecture (Yarbrough)
RELI0180X-F03 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Y-F03 Discussion (Yarbrough)
RELI0180Z-F03 Discussion (Yarbrough)