PSYC 0413

Theories of Clinical Psych

Approaches to Clinical Psychology: Theory and Practice
What are the major theoretical orientations of clinical psychology, and how does each view the domains of thinking, behavior, free will, psychopathology, and treatment? In this discussion-based course, we will explore cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, behaviorist, existential, and other approaches to clinical psychology. Each has its own emphasis; some focus on symptoms, while others teach emotional tolerance or address unconscious drives. Using philosophy, theory, evidence, and case examples, we will explore similarities and differences among the major orientations and consider their consequences for researchers, therapists, and society at large. (PSYC 0224 recommended; open to junior/senior psychology majors; others by waiver.) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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Spring 2020

PSYC0413A-S20 Seminar (Seehuus)

Spring 2019

PSYC0413A-S19 Seminar (Seehuus)

Fall 2017

PSYC0413A-F17 Seminar (Seehuus)

Spring 2017

PSYC0413A-S17 Seminar (Seehuus)

Fall 2015

PSYC0413A-F15 Seminar (Seehuus)